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 The first rubik's cube was made in 1974 and has made itslef a mystery
to solve ever since. Now who made this mysterious contraption? None
other than Erno Rubik. The first rubik's cube however did not look
loke it does now, at first it was made of wood with six wight cubes.
And the only place selling the first rubik's cubes were at Erno Rubiks
own toy shop. But as the toys grew more popular, Ernos rubik's cube
transformed into what it is today.

Only a year after being made, Erno decided to start mass producing his
product. This process took two whole years! It wasn't even called the
rubik's cube. Instead, it was called the magical cube. Then, three
years later, of the name magic cube, Erno changed it to rubik's cube
in 1980. This is now the official name of the company and cube.

Since so many people were frustrated about not being able to solve it.
Well a year after the magic cube changed to a rubik's cube a 12 year
old kid from England wrote a step by step book guide to solving a
rubik's cube, which my site will give to you for free. This kid was
really smart though. To this day, his book has sold over 150 million
copies. That's a lot for a twelve year old!!!

The cube was becoming so popular that Erno decided to start the first
annual rubik's cube championship. Erno started this for a special
reason, the rubik's cube had been sold over a million times. The
rubik's cube also earned another title. It was so popular that it was
pit into the English dictionary as an actual word! Just like Twitter
or tweet is in the dictionary now. Once again rubik's cube pit itself
out in front of anyother toy or puzzle in the world.

Now it was Ernos turn to become popular. Other than being the creator
of the rubik's cube he was also accepted in the Hungarian Enginaring
Academy in 1990. This was a huge feat for anyone to do. He also
started the International Rubik Foundation for talented and young
engineers. This pit Erno into a category like nobody elsi in the
world. Over and over again, Erno was making the rubik's cube bigger
and bigger than any other toy or puzzle.

In 1995, for the rubik's cube's 15th annerversery there was a
specially made rubik's cube. This cube is fully functional and was
like no other rubik's cube ever made, it was all gold and has tons of
diamonds on it, 185 Carots to be exact. This proved how much of an
effect the rubik's cube had on the world. This cube is the only kind
ever made. And there will never be another one like it.

10 years later in 2005, the 25th anniversery of rubik's cube was
celebrated. To celebrate this huge anniversery, the rubik's cube
company made a special edition rubik's cube sold only for a certain
amount of time. Two years later Erno hosted and gave the awards to the
winners of the world championships of the rubik's cube. Unfortunately
he retired there too.

Erno Rubik is now retired, but his company still goes on and makes new
models of cubes or anyother puzzles. As you can see, the rubik's cube
has a huge history. The rubik's cube is always going to be remembered
as the best puzzle ever made. Ernos cube will always live on forever.
If you want to know more of the history of the cube, visit my site at http://therubikscube.weebly.com. Or just click on the links towards the bottom of the page.